Tietgenkollegiet is an attractive residence hall in Copenhagen on Amager, which is close to the city center and CBS. It is primarily for Danish students; however, 10% of the rooms have been reserved for international students. The core value at Tietgenkollegiet is the active participation of all residents in the community in the shared kitchen and at the residence as such. Tietgenkollegiet offers an unique opportunity to get to know Danish students as well as other international students through the daily interaction with your fellow residents.

Images of Life at Tiegtenkollegiet:

Rued Langgaards Vej 10-18
DK 2300 Copenhagen S

Residence Handbook


Type of accomodation
The residence has 6 floors with a total of 360 rooms. CBS has access to 18 single rooms for exchange students.

"Tietgenkollegiet is by far the most endearing and modern setting for any prospective exchange student. The facilities are amazing: computer labs, study rooms, restaurant quality kitchens and a residence bar recently fitted with a 300,000 kroner sound system, just to mention some. The rooms are very spacious (even the small ones), which come with heated bathroom tiles, lots of light and gorgeous views. The atmosphere is great, especially during the weekend when there is always an event or a dorm party. It is a little further out of the CBS area, but this is totally compensated for by the fact that you are literally two metro stops from all the Copenhagen nightlife.
Aside from this, Tietgen is perhaps the most visually alluring of all the residences offered by CBS, receiving awards for innovative design. You are guaranteed to make fast friends and have a great Copenhagen experience. It comes highly recommended by an exchange student who lived in both private residence in 1st semester as well as Tietgen in 2nd semester."

Lucianne, former resident

They vary in size from 26 to 33 square meters as follows:

  • Three rooms at 26 sq. meters
  • Ten rooms at 29 sq. meters
  • Five rooms at 33 sq. meters

Each room has an en-suite bathroom.

There are "community kitchens" that are shared by 12 people. The kitchens are fully equipped.

Laundry facilties are available on the ground floor. Laundry costs are not included in the rent. You can get information about the laundry at the residence in the reception at Tietgenkollegiet.

It is possible to access the Internet. You will receive a welcome letter from Tietgen Kollegiet with information. Computers and cables are not provided.

Tietgenkollegiet is situated in Amager, close to the city centre. Close to a Metro stop, Islands Brygge, from where it takes about 10-12 min to reach CBS. There are also 5 different bus stops close to the residence and also a night bus.

The residence has a parking cellar for cars and motorbikes. In order to use the cellar you need a permission which you can get from the reception at the residence.  You need to rent a place in the cellar, the people in the reception will explain the further details after your arrival.  There is also bicycle parking.  Enquire about this at Reception.
For pictures, please visit the following website (in Danish): www.tietgenkollegiet.dk.

Tietgenkollegiet is only available for exchange students, not full time international students.

Housing information and rules
Please read this as soon as possible after you have moved in: House rules

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